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Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Cause of Death

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Cause of DeathGranville Adams ‘Oz’ cause of death is cancer. He battled with the disease for years before he succumbed to it. He was aged 58.

NameGranville Adams
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1963
Age58 years (2021)
Net worth$700,000
WifeChristina Adams
Cause of DeathCancer
Date of DeathOctober 10, 2021

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Cancer

Adams acknowledged for the first time in 2020 that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He’d provided health updates since then, including one from the hospital following radiation therapy 10 weeks ago.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by several cast members to help his family with medical expenses.

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Wife

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Wife – Granville Adams’s wife is Christina Adams. They have been married for years. She was by his side the entire time and was alone with him when he passed.

His family issued a statement after he died;

Today our beloved Granville Adams has passed and is now with God. After a long hard-fought battle with Cancer, Granny has ascended to the heavens. Gran spent his last days surrounded by his loved ones, family, and close friends. His wife Christina was by his side the entire time and was alone with him when he passed.

Granny is now in peace and not suffering anymore. He fought till the end with a strength, beauty and grace like no other, putting his family before himself til the final moments. We are all so honored to have known Granville, who embodies the expression “to know him is to love him.” Everyone who knew Granville knew the exemplary human kindness he possessed. Every life he touched was better for it. Granville was a beautiful man who always put others first and was known for his kindness and selflessness. Always the life of the party, Granville would not want us to be sad! Granny would want us all to smile and remember the best times we had with him, and share the love we learned from him! Granny may have left the building, but he will forever be in our hearts!  

Just before he passed, we asked him to show us a sign when he crossed to the other side. After he passed the friends and family who were there at the hospice and hospital went to eat and reminisce about Granny. As we were sitting and eating, there was a torrential downpour which subsided after 30 minutes only to reveal a brilliant double rainbow right in front of us. We knew in that moment it was Granny, spreading love as he does… We love you Gran always and forever! 

We are planning his life celebration and will advise.

Please love each other the way Granville loved all of us!

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Wiki

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Wiki – Granville Adams (October 8, 1963 – October 10, 2021) was an actor who played Zahir Arif in the HBO television series Oz. He also had a recurring part in the NBC series Homicide: Life on the Street as Officer Jeff Westby.

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Career

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Career – For all six seasons of “Oz,” Adams was a regular. His character has a spiritual development throughout the prison drama. Among Adams’ acting credits are appearances on “Empire” and “Homicide: Life on the Street.”

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Arrest

Granville Adams ‘Oz’ Arrest – On February 4, 2007, Adams was arrested and charged with criminally negligent homicide for the death of a man in a nightclub. According to police reports, Adams was involved in an altercation with Orlando Valle at BED New York, a Manhattan nightclub where Adams worked as a manager. He was accused of forcing Valle into the elevator doors on the sixth floor of the club, causing them to detach and Valle to fall to his death down the shaft.

According to Adams’ counsel, Adams was attempting to break up an incident between a customer and an employee when Valle hit him from behind, and Adams replied in self-defense by flinging Valle off his back. Adams was released on $5,000 bond and faces up to four years in prison if he fails to pay. BED New York has subsequently closed as a result of the incident.

On June 30, 2007, the claims against Adams were rejected by a judge. Valle’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Adams.

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