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2021 Gulder Ultimate Search Contestants

The 16 participants were revealed to the audience by the host, Gideon Okeke.

In the next 24 hours, fans are likely to vote for two more contestants from the remaining four finals.

Kunle Remi, the 2010 champion and well-known actor, will play the taskmaster.

The participants will compete for the big prize of $50 million.

After a series of regional screenings in Abuja, Enugu, and Lagos, as well as a Sea School screening in Lagos, the organizers noted that 20 candidates had moved to the final selection round of GUS 12 – ‘The Age of Craftsmanship.’

The candidates will be in the jungle, battling nature and themselves in pursuit of a hidden treasure that would provide immediate fame and money to the last person standing.

The 16 contestants of the Gulder Ultimate Search 2021 are;

  • Jennifer Okorie
  • Iniabasi Umoren
  • Tobechukwu Okoye
  • Solomon Yankari
  • Chidimma Okeibe
  • Adedamola Johnson
  • Omokhafe Racheal Bello
  • Emiola Tosin
  • Samuel Ishmael
  • Godswill Oboh
  • Gerald Odeka
  • Olayinka Omoya
  • Mikel Mfon Esin
  • Esitima Edem
  • Damilola Odedina
  • Emmanuel Nnebe

Jennifer Okorie Biography – Jennifer Okorie is a model and actress. Jennifer Okorie, often known as Queen Bee, is a Delta State University philosophy student who hopes to be the first woman to win the GUS event.

No woman has ever won the reality show in its 11-season existence, but the 22-year-old athlete wants to be the first.

Iniabasi Umoren Biography Iniabasi’ Saint Bond’ Umoren is a music producer and vocalist.

In 2018, he won the ‘Kill Ma Beat’ competition, and he claims to have a production credit on DJ Cuppy’s record.

He’s a black belt in Shotokan karate and promises to be the “life of the party” on stage. Iniabasi aims to give back to his community through charity and promote his music career if he wins the $50 million award.

Tobechukwu Okoye Biography Tobechukwu Okoye is a 26-year-old mechanic, student, and auto tracker installation.

If he wins GUS Season 12, he aims to transform his profession and family’s current status, according to him.

Solomon Yankari Biography Solomon Yankari, a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and owner of a fitness center in Bauchi state, is 26 years old.

He enjoys exploring, which is why he treks and organizes boot camps for fitness buffs. He is attempting to form a fitness and music community.

If he wins the GUS N50 million award, he aims to create one of Africa’s largest fitness companies, offering health and fitness services.

Chidimma Okeibe Biography Chidimma Okeibe is a Nigerian actress.

Chidimma Okeibe, a 29-year-old project assistant, says she’s on the show for the thrill of it and to improve her life.

Chidimma believes she has the leadership characteristics to win the grand prize after participating in student politics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Emmanuel Nnebe Biography – The Face of Sapphire 2020 was a 30-year-old paralegal, model, and actress.

He is self-driven and aspires to be a lawyer one day. He says he’s on the show for the money and because he enjoys adventure.

If he wins GUS Season 12, he wants to open a fashion school and a legal company.

Damilola Odedina Biography – Damilola Opeoluwa Odedina is a cinematographer and video editor who is 25 years old.

He is a graduate of Abeokuta’s Federal University of Agriculture, and she intends to compete on the show. Damilola, who stands 6 feet tall, looms over a number of the other contenders. He plans to put the prize money toward helping the country’s sports growth.

Adedamola Johnson Biography – Adedamola Johson is a digital marketer, filmmaker, and University of Lagos graduate. He is inspired by Hollywood director James Cameron, and he plans to use the award money to further his filmmaking career.

He also intends to test himself on the show and take advantage of the platform’s visibility.

Samuel Ishmael Biography – Samuel Ishmael is a 35-year-old Nigerian IT professional who works for a multinational corporation. He had previously attempted to appear on the GUS show five times but had been unsuccessful.

Samuel intends to be a brand ambassador for Gulder now that he has arrived after several years of trial, and he feels that we should “never give up on something you find doable.”

He enjoys mountain climbing and has conquered three peaks. Before the middle of 2022, he wants to climb four mountains.

Omokhafe Racheal Bello Biography – Omokhafe Racheal Bello, 34, is a realtor and businesswoman.

She graduated from Ahmadu Bello University with a degree in microbiology and operates a soap company.

If she is crowned the Ultimate Woman, she plans to start a cosmetics company and a chicken farm.

Godswill Oboh Biography – The 25-year-old entrepreneur is an Electrical Electronics graduate.

He’s also known as Oreva, and he’s an MC who launched his own event lighting firm in 2019.

If Oboh wins the GUS 50 million award, he aims to open a conventional fitness center and standardize his event lighting business.

Gerald Odeka Biography – Speedstar, also known as Gerald Odeka, is a 35-year-old athlete.

In 2012, he won gold, silver, and bronze at the National Sports Festival, and at 2013, he competed in the World Athletics Championships in Russia.

If he wins, he wants to open a sports bar, go back to school, and start a business for his wife.

Esitima Edem Biography – Esitima Edem is a 24-year-old hostess and a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt’s accounting program.

The aspiring model aspires to be the first woman to win the Gulder Ultimate Search competition.

Olayinka Omoya Biography – The 26-year-old Bowen University graduate is a musician, writer, and content developer.

If he wins the award, he wants to be an A-list musician who will redefine pop music and invest the money in his songs.

Emiola Tosin Biography – is a Nigerian actress. Emiola Michael Tosin is a 33-year-old civil servant with a daughter who works in Abuja.

This is his fifth effort to join GUS, and he has no intention of playing second fiddle; instead, he intends to be the Ultimate Man.

The GUS prize money will be used by the Ahmadu Bello University graduate to start a tomato paste firm.

Mikel Mfon Esin Biography – Adventure, writing, and reading are three things that the freelance writer, model, and Arsenal enthusiast enjoys. He claims to be a Casanova and believes he is singularly charming.

He made it to the final selection round of GUS in 2013, but was not chosen as a contestant, and he is now motivated to make the most of the opportunity.

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