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What Religion Does Hakeem Jeffries Practice? Is He A Muslim?

Hakeem Jeffries ReligionHakeem Jeffries is a Christian, not a Muslim. He stated this in a debate in 2000. He is a member of the Baptist Church in the United States.

Hakeem Sekou Jeffries is not a Muslim, and at a debate in 2000, he stated that he is a Christian. Learn everything there is to know about the Congressman.

Hakeem Jeffries Biography

Hakeem Sekou Jeffries is an American politician and attorney who has represented the 8th congressional district of New York since 2013. He is a Democrat who represents a district in New York City that includes sections of eastern Brooklyn and southwestern Queens.

Since 2013, Hakeem Sekou Jeffries has represented New York’s 8th congressional district as a politician and attorney. He is a Democrat who represents parts of eastern Brooklyn and southern Queens in New York City’s district.

Hakeem Jeffries, a member of Congress and is a devout Christian.

Hakeem Jeffries Debate on Religion

Jeffries campaigned against incumbent Assemblyman Roger Green in the Democratic primary in 2000, accusing him of being uncaring about the concerns of his constituents and focused with achieving higher office.

A tense debate between the two candidates, moderated by Dominic Carter on NY1, was interrupted short when Jeffries began his final remarks by saying, “The difficulty in this race is not age—yes, the assemblyman was older, but He’s younger.””

Hakeem Jeffries Religion

He clarified that it had nothing to do with religion. Yes, the assemblyman was raised in the Cornerstone Baptist Church and was a devout Muslim.” “Was he a practicing Muslim?” Green said, interrupting Jeffries.

He stormed out of the studio, accusing Jeffries of playing “the religion card,” saying, “I’m genuinely upset, are you aiming to polarize our community?”

Jeffries insisted that voters should pay attention to the issues rather than the politicians’ age or religion.

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