103-Year-Old GreatGrand Mother Celebrates Recovery From COVID-19 By Drinking Beer

A legendary 103-year-old greatgrandmother celebrated overcoming coronavirus with a chilled beer. Jennie Stejna, from Wilbraham, Massachusetts, United States, posed for the cameras as she casually took a sip of her beloved beer in her nursing home bed.


When the woman recording her asked ‘how is it, good’, Jennie, the centenarian said ‘yeah’ before calmly taking another gulp and licking her lips in utter relish.

Her caretaker then responded ‘it’s the best one, it’s cold’, to which Jennie once again said ‘yeah’.

Jennie’s passion for beer also aligns with her love of baseball.

Jennie was diagnosed of coronavirus three weeks ago, eventually becoming ill. It was also revealed that she was the first person in her nursing home to get the deadly disease.

Her wedding 80 years ago


Jennie with daughter and granddaughter
Jennie with daughter and granddaughter


Jennie, whose husband passed away in 1992 aged 82, was visited by her great-granddaughter Violet Gunn just before her health deteriorated.

When asked by her granddaughter’s husband if she was ready to go to heaven, she replied “hell yes!’

Jennie has now fully recovered even as death toll in the US sadly reached 100,000. is headed by Jayamma Abanobi and it is one of the fastest growing News and Information outlet in Nigeria

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