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Holly Humberstone biography

Holly Humberstone is a British musician from a town called Grantham in England. She has four other siblings (all sisters) who are her kin siblings as she was taken care of as a child by her guardian parents.

NameHolly Humberstone
Date of Birth17 December 1999 (age 21)
GenresAlternative rock
pop rock
indie rock
Songs“Deep End” (30 January 2020)
“Falling Asleep at the Wheel” (19 March 2020)
“Overkill” (26 June 2020)
“Fake Plastic Trees” (30 July 2020)
“Drop Dead” (14 August 2020)
“Vanilla – Stairwell Version” (28 October 2020)
“Haunted House” (6 April 2021)

Holly Humberstone Early Life and Background

Holly Humberstone was born on 17th December 1999 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, to British guardians who nurtured her as she grew up to become what she is today. Though her foster parents worked as doctors, they encouraged their children to learn art at home; they also showed exemplary examples by Holly’s father collecting books of poetry and her mother playing the cello.

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Holly Humberstone Music Career and Songs

Humberstone began her musical career as a violinist with the Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra and then moved on to pop music. She started composing her own music, drawing influence and inspiration from artists such as Damien Rice, Lorde, Bon Iver, and others, and experimenting with recording on her father’s machine. Around the age of 16, she sent some of her tracks to an online BBC music site, where one of them, “Hit and Run,” was played on the radio. She studied performing arts at a college in Liverpool after high school before returning home for a year to concentrate on her music.

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She rose to popularity through her association with fellow musician Lewis Capaldi, performing during intermissions on his concert tours.

Humberstone appeared on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury Festival 2019.
Her first single, “Deep End,” was released on January 30, 2020. Her second single, “Falling Asleep at the Wheel,” was released on March 19, and her third, “Overkill,” was released on June 26. She will drop a cover of Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” on July 30, 2020. Her debut EP, also titled Falling Asleep at the Wheel, was released on August 14, and included her three previous singles, as well as the tracks “Vanilla,” “Drop Dead,” and “Livewire.”

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She was named one of VEVO DSCVR’s Artists To Watch 2021 on December 9, 2020. On the channel, she performed her song Vanilla.

Humberstone signed with Polydor Records in the United Kingdom and Darkroom/Interscope Records in the United States in March 2021, ahead of the release of her song “Haunted House” and her second EP. In addition, she signed a publishing contract with Universal Music Publishing Group.

Holly Humberstone Education

As of April 2019, she is studying at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.


  • “Deep End” (30 January 2020)
  • “Falling Asleep at the Wheel” (19 March 2020)
  • “Overkill” (26 June 2020)
  • “Fake Plastic Trees” (30 July 2020)
  • “Drop Dead” (14 August 2020)
  • “Vanilla – Stairwell Version” (28 October 2020)
  • “Haunted House” (6 April 2021)
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