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Here’s a fun fact: there is a feature on smartphones (whether you are using iOS or Android) that allows you to track boyfriend’s phone. Maybe you want to know where he’s going with his friends or colleagues or just want to make sure he comes home safe and sound after a late-night party.

The Best App for Tracking Boyfriend’s Phone

If you’re wondering, “how do I track my boyfriend’s phone through GPS?” there are some useful apps like mSpy vs Webwatcher that provide tracking functions. However, mSpy is definitely among the top recommendations for this job.
The app offers users a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to track locations, keystrokes, call history, and more while remaining stealthy (meaning he won’t know that you are keeping a watchful eye over his trips).

Let’s go over some noteworthy features for tracking boyfriend’s phone:
● The app can track the iPhone’s actual GPS location and provide you with useful details such as the time that location was logged, coordinates, and the street address of those coordinates;
mSpy offers a geofencing feature where you can set and customize which areas you think are safe and dangerous. Basically, you can create your own “tracking my boyfriend’s cell phone” map and receive notifications whenever your boyfriend leaves or enters the zones you have customized.
● A stealth mode in mSpy is one of the app’s best features. It allows you to hide the app icon on your boyfriend phone’s app library. Therefore, no one will ever know that you have installed an app for tracking boyfriend’s cell phone.

Tracking Boyfriend’s Phone for Free

If you have not decided if you want to try using mSpy yet, there are some built-in free tracking features you can use on both Android and iOS phones.

Google Find My Device

Android Device Manager, also known as Google Find My Device, is the free built-in solution for any girls out there wanting to keep a close watch on their boyfriends who also use Android. There is also a feature to help monitor his phone’s battery health as well as which Wi-Fi networks he is connected to.

After opening this app, you will have to log in to Find My Device with a Google account. This means, if you want to proceed to track boyfriend’s cell phone, you will need to find out what his Google login credentials are to set up his account on your phone.

Going through such a process can be a bit of an obstacle because if you ask him about his Google username and password unexpectedly, he will likely become suspicious of your intention.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a popular tracking app now built into iPhones. It works through iCloud, allowing you to track boyfriend’s phone by geolocating his phone through GPS. It’s a permanent service on every new iPhone, so you won’t have to download any additional app from the AppStore to get started.

However, to use this option, you need to know your boyfriend’s iCloud login credentials and the password of his iPhone that you want to track. Therefore, there could be a slight problem for you since you may be caught, potentially costing your relationship’s trust.


mSpy is the most straightforward answer to “How to track my boyfriend’s phone?” out there without asking your boyfriend about any of his personal information, and with a considerable collection of efficient and intuitive features. It is an efficient option for tracking your loved ones.

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