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Cryptocurrencies are just like any other asset, just like your real money. However, it is not like your
real money that anyone can steal, as it is a digital currency that you can use online, making it
impossible to lose. That is why you wonder how you can buy or hide such a property. Let us know
how you can buy or hide your cryptocurrency. In general, you will need an online wallet in which
you can hold your digital currency i.e., cryptocurrencies. Once you’ve done that, you can keep
some of the money with you or buy crypto. If you buy it and then want to hide it, at that point
you’ll need to take it apart. Today in this blog we are going to give you information about how you
can hide the cryptocurrency you are buying.

Can you buy cryptocurrency anonymously?

Bitcoin is a pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency. However, all transactions done by it are
refundable to you. The same is done through centralised exchanges that incorporate customer
information. You have to bear in mind that crypto is still the door to your identity. This way if you
want to buy your crypto and keep it anonymous, you can do so with:

● Bitcoin ATM
● Dark Web Tumblr Services
● Peer-to-peer Exchange

How to hide cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are seeing an increase in their value as time goes on, which has made it even more
necessary to hide them.
If you are looking for many new ways to hide cryptocurrencies, you can try one of the methods

Safety Practice

The most important role in this is playing security practices to secure crypto holdings. This is not
enough for the old 2FA i.e. two-factor authentication. If you’ve chosen, you’re good to go with
2FA with your phone number. With the same sensitive accounts, SMS 2FA needs to be
permanently disabled, just like the way cryptocurrencies are handled. The phone number serves as
the key to your crypto vault, so it would also be a good idea to hide bitcoins behind your
information at the time. In addition, username, an account password, pseudonym and all
information details must be unique. If you find it difficult to remember complex passwords or do
not trust yourself, then you should use a password manager for this.

Social Awareness and Anonymity

Speaking of anonymity, ensure all information, records, or memos tying your ID are encoded.
Further, you shouldn’t give mobile numbers out in public. Continuously recollecting secure
virtual number help is recognizable to course public calls to your device. In short, you want to get
delicate information so it won’t be a doorway for hackers to get to your crypto coins. One more
basic method for doing so is to stay silent. As lengthy as you’re the only one around you who’s
mindful of your assets, it will doubtfully be susceptible to crooks.

Cold Storage
The term alludes to keeping bitcoins and their hidden keys offline for better security. If your
private keys get presented to the web, the security brought by cold storage offers a superior choice.
One of the most outstanding ways is to utilise equipment wallets like Ledger and Trezor. Such
wallets empower you to spend assets without private keys.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency but is not less than the value of our other assets. In this
manner, we can all settle on the fact that it is so urgent to know the ways of getting it. Whether by
concealing it or keeping our transactions anonymous, it’s everything for getting our resources. As
existing apart from everything else, technologies have progressed, giving us a few choices to make
such security conceivable. In any case, it requires determination and exhaustive comprehension to
keep up with such protection.

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