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Gamers sure do have lots of questions bothering How to watch Starz on PS4, well for y’all gamers, it is now easy to download the Starz Play app on your Playstation 4.
Now, this is how to set up Startz Play App on PS4

STEP 1: Downloading the STARZ Play App

1- From the home screen navigate to TV & Video
2- Select STARZ Play
3- After you are taken to the PlayStation Store, click on download.
If you don’t find the app in the TV & Video section here’s what you should do:
1-Go to the home-screen press up and select PlayStation Store.

2- Once in the PlayStation Store, select apps
3- Select Movies & TVs
4- Find and choose STARZ Play
5- Click on Download


STEP 2: Setting Up

Once you have downloaded the app go to TV & Movies and click on STARZ Play.
1-  Once the app is running, select Settings
2- Once in Settings go to Log In and use your Starz Play login email and password. If you did not set up a log in email yet, simply go to arabia.starzplay.com on your laptop or mobile and set-up an account. Once you are set up, go to Log in on the PS4 app and enter your new log in details.
3- Once you log in if you have an active account you are ready to watch. However, if your account is not active go to the Starz Play website on your computer or mobile device and set-up your payment method to activate your account.
By the way the first 30 days on Starz Play are free so even after you set-up you won’t be paying for your first month!
That’s it you are ready watch! You can now enjoy your STARZ Play movies and series from the comfort of your PS4. Nice!
Source: https://blog.starzplay.com/watching-starz-play-ps4-guide/
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