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Nigerian Celebrity celebrates son’s six year old birthday selling fruits to teach him how hard life is for others

Images: Instagram|Tiannahsplacempire

A Nigerian celebrity stylist designer Tiannahsplacempire has decided to be a little different as she celebrated her son’s birthday in a slightly awkward way.

She had her six year old son lay aside the luxurious life he enjoys for a less luxurious one in a bid to teach him do some had work including selling fruits, hawking and walking for a while without shoes. Her actions has received wide spread commendation as she helps enlighten her son about the realities of life.

Check out her post here;

For my sons 6th Birthday shoot I made him walk in the shoes of the less for a day , we sold fruits to people and hawked in traffic , few people recognized us but didn’t care ,I even tried selling to them ,will post a video later and he learnt a lot from it, He didn’t stop asking me Questions when we got home ,anytime we drive past kids and I give them money ,he’s always saying why this, why that. Now he understands. . . Life isn’t rosy all the time ! For those of us with pot bellies Blessed with abundance of jellies Observing table is not our thing. There are others unlike us with flattened Tummies tossed to and fro hunger-driven Beaten by the reality of our lack. For those of us unlike them born With silver spoons shouldn’t forget That circumstances and predicaments are cousins, we must teach our kids never to look down on anyone because they are more privileged. As Parents , We should teach our kids how to accommodate others with love . Happy Birthday @lordmaine2 keep growing in grace , we have so much content to post from today . . . Shot by @segun_wealth of @Tiannahsphotostudio ⭐️

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