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BBNaija star Saskay caused tongues to wag after she posted a photo of herself online flaunting a ring. A lot of people are speculating and asking if she is engaged.

Is Saskay BBNaija Engaged?

Is Saskay BBNaija Engaged? – Saskay BBNaija is not yet engaged. Even though she posted pictures of herself flaunting a ring, she has come out to debunk being engaged.

She said;

“I said not yet. So he put it on the right finger and said whenever you’re ready babe”.

Is Saskay BBNaija Married?

Is Saskay BBNaija Married? – Saskay BBNaija is not married and is single at the moment. She does not have a husband at the moment yet.

Who is Saskay BBNaija Husband?

Who is Saskay BBNaija Husband? – Saskay BBNaija does not have a husband yet.

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