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Jaycee Big Brother AU Housemate Biography, Wiki

Jaycee, (born 1999) is a 23 year old Jamaican-Australian from Perth Western Australia who is a housemate in the Season 14 of the Big Brother Australia Reality show.

Height6ft 1in
Known ForBig Brother Australia contestant

Jaycee Big Brother AU Housemate Career

Jaycee is a trained Hip-hop Artist who hopes to make it big in the music industry. Jaycee is a driven hip hop musician that exudes confidence, attitude, and style.

He’s a brilliant, intelligent, and charismatic guy who is constantly trying to charm his way into the house and win people around.

This Jamaican-Australian, who is six feet and one inch tall, will gleefully flirt his way through the Big Brother house. He intends to exploit his excellent looks and witty banter to gain a dominant position among the roommates.

He refers to himself as “the smiling assassin,” and believes that his dazzling smile and crafty thinking will aid him in winning the game. Jaycee’s goal is to build close relationships with the most powerful and daring players in the game, as well as to win challenges and make dangerous and strategic plays.

He’s a quintessential entrepreneur, working in one of the most competitive businesses – music – who will take matters into his own hands while keeping the housemates engaged with his freestyle rapping. He can and will construct musical instruments out of whatever he can find in the house, so no object is safe.

Jaycee Big Brother AU Housemate Height

Jaycee stands tall at six foot and one inch. He is relatively tall in stature.

He was recently interviews before he got into the house and this was what he had to say,

What are your strengths?

My communication skills, charm and insightfulness. I am very good at reading vibes.

What are your weaknesses?


Are you going in the house with a strategy?

Yes, but I won’t tell it to you yet. I want to be in top three.

What are you most looking forward to in the house?

Challenging myself.

What are you least looking forward to in the house?


What kind of housemate do you think you will be?

An all-round player and a friend.

Apart from family, what will you miss the most while in the house?


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