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Jennifer Chapple Wiki, Age, Bio, Children, Who was She?



Jennifer Chapple Wiki, Age, Bio, Children, Husband, Who was She?

Jennifer Chapple Wiki – Jennifer Chapple (born 1988) is an American woman who was stabbed to death and killed in her home while her children slept in their rooms upstairs. She was stabbed and killed alongside her husband. Investigations to track down the couple’s killers are already underway.

Jennifer Chapple and her husband, Stephen Chapple were stabbed to death in their own home over parking disputes. Here is everything you need to know.

Jennifer and Stephen Chapple, a couple based in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset were stabbed and killed in their house while their children were sleeping upstairs. According to sources, they were stabbed to death over parking disputes.

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The incident has left the community speechless as it was a close-knit community. Autopsy reports of Jennifer Chappell show injuries of multiple stabs while the husband’s post-mortem is ongoing.

Jennifer Chapple Age

Jennifer Chapple Age – Jennifer Chapple was born in 1988 and is 33 years of age as at 2021.

Jennifer Chapple And Stephen Chapple Stabbing: What Happened?

Jennifer and Stephen Chapple were reportedly murdered in their own house while their children were sleeping upstairs.

As per police reports, the kills occurred over parking disputes. The couple had called the police “three times” before citing parking disputes. The theory is that the dispute got serious which led to murder.

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Moreover, the local police have arrested two suspects as well. Two men, aged 34 and 67 were arrested, however, the elder one was released under investigation.

Jennifer Chapple Children

Jennifer Chapple Children – Jennifer Chapple married Stephen Chapple and had two children with him. Their children are 5 and 6 years old, respectively, when it comes to the family. They are currently under the care of other relatives and family members.

Mrs. Chapple was 33 years old, and Mr. Chapple was 36 years old when they died. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the victim’s family. May they find all the courage they need.

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Jennifer Chapple Job

Jennifer Chapple Job – Jennifer Chapple worked as a barista in a nearby coffee shop. At the coffee shop, her friends and coworkers paid tribute to her.

Stephen also worked at West Somerset College as a teacher. He was a professor of computing at a nearby institution. His coworkers also dedicated a message to him.

Until today, we didn’t have any information on their net worth.

Because they were so close, the incident has shattered the entire neighborhood. The possibility that the killer lives in the same neighborhood, however, is even more terrifying for the residents.

Jennifer and Stephen Chapple’s souls are in our prayers. Wherever they are, may they find peace.

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