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Jimmy Kibaki Wives and Children

Jimmy’s first wife, Sherly Anne, had three children with him, including Sean Andrew.

Sherly, Jimmy’s wife, and their children

Jimmy’s first wife is Sherly Anne, a Kenyan with Indian ancestry, with whom he has three children.

Jimmy’s most well-known son, Sean Andrew, is a fashion model. Ryan Mwai Kibaki and Emma Ngini are Andrew’s siblings.

During the funeral, Ryan spoke to the mourners, but Emma was nowhere to be found.

Jimmy and Anne were not there for Kibaki’s funeral, as he was accompanied by his second wife, Catherine.

Catherine, Jimmy’s wife and their children

When Mwai Kibaki’s body was being transported to the White House, Jimmy was spotted holding back tears.

Catherine, who was by his side, noticed and comforted him by placing her hand on his back.

They appear to have a small daughter together, since they have been seen walking with her several times.

Jimmy Kibaki Biography/Profile/Wiki

Jimmy Kibaki is a Kenyan businessman and the firstborn son of Kenya’s late President, Mwai Kibaki. He owns Odibets, a locally owned betting firm.

He was a student at Nairobi’s St Mary’s School, also known as Saints. Later, he enrolled at Salve Regina University to study political science and administration.

Jimmy wanted to start a business when he returned to Kenya in 1988 after finishing his studies in Canada, so he asked his father for a loan. Before retorting that he was “neither a director nor a shareholder of any company‚Ķ.get the loan from a bank!” Kibaki listened to his son’s business vision and why he required a loan from him.

In 2009, he decided to start a campaign called Simama Kenya, which means “stand up Kenya.”

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