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José Rosado Biography; How Much is His Net worth?



José Rosado Biography, Wiki

Jose Rosado (1978 – 2021) was a former CEO of a Spanish shipyard and an American business tycoon. He died in 2021 after being poisoned with liquid ecstasy.

NameJose Rosado
Date of Birth1978
Net worth$30 million
Date of Death2021

José Rosado Cause of Death

In October, he was allegedly poisoned with liquid ecstasy and robbed by two guys he brought back to his hotel room for sex.

José Rosado Net worth

José Rosado Net worth – José Rosado, Spanish American business tycoon has a net worth of $30 million. He was the formerCEO of Hijos de J. Barreras, Spain’s largest private shipbuilding and yacht-building company

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Jose Rosado, 43, was discovered dead in his hotel room at the high-end Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid while on vacation, after his nearly 13-year-long companion, Nicholas Young, became concerned when he couldn’t reach him and asked hotel personnel to check in.

According to the Daily Beast, surveillance footage from the night of October 29 showed Rosado returning to his hotel room with two or three individuals. The hotel’s representative told on Tuesday that they are unable to disclose the film because it is in the hands of the authorities.

Other footage released by the police shows detectives investigating a home and one of the two suspects being handcuffed and led into a station.

Authorities also took one of the alleged killers’ garments from the night Rosado was poisoned.

Rosado’s death was initially attributed to natural causes before authorities found that he had been robbed.

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José Rosado Background

Rosado grew up in Puerto Rico after being born in New Jersey. He worked in the marine, energy, and banking industries in Argentina, England, Spain, and the United States, and he went to more than 50 countries.

José Rosado Career

Rosado had recently stepped down as CEO of Hijos de J. Barreras, Spain’s largest private shipbuilding and yacht-building company, in 2020. Annual sales for the company is estimated to be around $29.48 million.

The toxicology result revealed substantial amounts of psychotropic drugs and alcohol, and his room was discovered to be disorganized, but the case was not considered a homicide until Rosado’s partner confirmed the stolen things.

José Rosado Murderers and Death

In connection with Rosado’s death, two unidentified individuals were arrested in Madrid. A Romanian, 39, has nine prior arrests for comparable acts, and a Moroccan, 29, has 17 prior arrests for similar crimes.

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The two guys have been charged with homicide, armed robbery, and deception. They are currently incarcerated awaiting trial.

The Marriott company operates the Westin Palace Hotel, and accommodations start at roughly $375 per night.

Rosado met the two guys at a party on October 29 and invited them back to his hotel room for sex, according to local authorities.

Rosado was allegedly subdued by the suspects by putting narcotics in his drink before robbing him and purchasing using his credit card.

Rosado was killed by a combination of narcotics and alcohol, according to investigators. They suspect the two men had previously employed this ruse.

Using DNA collected at the scene, police were able to trace down the two males. They were discovered with €2,500 (about $2,800) in cash, as well as new phones, computer equipment, jewelry, documents that did not belong to them, and other valuable stuff.

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