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Katia Langenheim is an Australian artist, primarily known as the mother of Ruby Rose, an Australian actress, model, and television presenter. While Katia has maintained a relatively low-profile public presence, she has been a supportive figure in her daughter’s life and career.

NameKatia Langenheim
Date of BirthUnknown
DaughterRuby Rose
Net WorthUnknown

Katia Langenheim Early Life and Education

There is limited information available about Katia Langenheim’s early life and education. She has chosen to maintain her privacy and has not shared much about her personal life or background in public.

Katia Langenheim Career

Katia Langenheim is an artist, although specific details about her work and career remain scarce. She is primarily known in the context of her relationship with her daughter, Ruby Rose, who has gained fame as an actress, model, and television presenter. Katia has provided unwavering support to her daughter throughout her career, often accompanying her to events and celebrating her successes.

Katia Langenheim Personal Life

Katia Langenheim gave birth to her daughter, Ruby Rose, on March 20, 1986. As a single mother, she raised Ruby in Melbourne, Australia. Ruby has spoken openly about the close relationship she shares with her mother and the support she has received from her throughout her life.

As of 2023, there is no public information available about Katia Langenheim’s romantic relationships, family members, or educational background.

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