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Kei Komuro Bar Exams Result – Did He Pass or Fail



Kei Komuro Bar Exams Result – According to a source close to the situation, Kei Komuro, the husband of former princess Mako, failed the New York bar exam on Saturday. Komuro is scheduled to repeat the exam, potentially in February, according to the source, as he prepares to start a new life in New York with Princess Mako – Emperor Naruhito’s niece as soon as next month.

Komuro’s name was missing from the most recent pass list given by the exam’s organizer on Friday, just days after their wedding.

Komuro, who graduated from Fordham University’s law school in May with a Juris Doctor degree, has already begun working as a law clerk at a firm in New York. In July, he passed the bar test.

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According to the examination board, 5,791 persons out of 9,227 took the test and passed.

Those interested in taking the exam in February must apply in November.

On Tuesday, four years after their romance was made public, the pair, both 30, registered their marriage and stood in front of the press.

The former princess read from a prepared statement that she had ordered Komuro to go through with his intentions to study abroad and “build up a base (for living) overseas.”

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She was also “horrified, worried, and saddened by the fact that incorrect information has been treated as reality and that unsubstantiated rumors have propagated” since the couple and their families had become fodder for tabloids and TV talk shows.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, she has been diagnosed with complicated post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of what she characterized as psychological abuse suffered by the couple and their families.

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Crown Prince Akishino’s eldest daughter lost her royal rank since the Imperial House Law requires a female member of the imperial dynasty to give up her title if she marries a commoner.

On Thursday, the couple, who are presently residing in a Tokyo condominium, went to a driver’s license center to complete paperwork, presumably in preparation for their departure from Japan.

The wedding had been postponed for nearly three years due to a series of allegations about a financial dispute involving Komuro’s mother, which led the pair to forego the usual royal wedding festivities.

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