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What Was Kim Mi-soo Net worth?

Kim Mi-soo Net worthSouth Korean model and actress had a net worth of $500,000. She was well known to have starred in Snowdrop a South Korean TV series. She passed away in 2022.

NameKim Mi-soo
Date of BirthMarch 16, 1992
Age29 years. deceased 2022
NationalitySouth Korean
Date of DeathJanuary 5, 2022 (aged 29
Net worth$500,000
Korean Name김미수
Profession/OccupationActress, model

Kim Mi-soo Biography

Kim Mi-soo was a South Korean actress and model who lived from March 16, 1992 to January 5, 2022.

Mi-soo made her acting debut in Lipstick Revolution in 2018. Mi-soo was most known for her first part in Lipstick Revolution and a supporting role in Kyungmi’s World in the early stages of her career. [3] She also played the female protagonist’s sister in the 2020 drama Hi Bye, Mama!

Mi-soo recently made headlines for her depiction of Yeo Jeong-min, a frigid but compassionate and righteous student activist, in JTBC’s Snowdrop (2021-22). Despite the show’s ongoing controversy over purported historical inaccuracies, Mi-participation soo’s in Snowdrop was her most memorable on-screen appearance to date.

Kim Mi-soo Career

Kim has begun filming for an unnamed role in Disney+’s original drama Kiss Six Sense, which is expected to debut in the first half of 2022. Due to the untimely death of Kim Mi-soo, Kiss Six Sense canceled the day’s filming.

Kim Mi-soo Death

Kim Mi-soo died on January 5, 2022, at the age of 29 due to unknown reasons.

Kim’s death occurred during the filming of JTBC’s romance drama Snowdrop, in which Mi-Soo played a supporting role. Since Snowdrop was a pre-produced series, seven of the 16 episodes had already shown prior to Kim’s death, and filming had wrapped.

Fans paid tribute to the young actress on social media. “Heaven has received a new angel.” “Rest in peace Kim Mi-Soo, you will always be missed, loved, and remembered,” one admirer posted on Twitter alongside a photo, while another wrote: “Rest in peace Kim Mi-Soo, you will always be missed, loved, and remembered.”

“She’s one of my favorite Snowdrop characters…

Actress Kim Mi Soo, may you rest in peace.

Another fan stated, “You will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Kim plays Yeo Jungmin, a student activist who shares a dormitory with Jisoo’s character, Young-ro, in Snowdrop, which also starred BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Kim’s final on-screen appearance before her death was in Snowdrop. The films Memories and Kyungmi’s World, as well as the drama series Human Luwak, Hi Bye, Mama!, and Into the Ring, are among Kim’s other credits.

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