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LaKevia Jackson (born 1990) is an American lady who is best known to be the mother to one of Young Thug’s kids. Her son is Kyvion Jackson. She was on her way for a friend’s birthday party when she was shot dead.

LaKevia Jackson was on her way to Atlanta Metro Fun Center for a friend’s birthday party.

However, little is known about her other than her age and why she was in that location at the time of the shooting.

According to the internet, she is Young Thug’s baby mom, and everyone seems to be excited to learn what their child’s name will be.

Her mother talked to the media and expressed her sadness, saying she had no idea this would be the final time she saw her daughter.

The mother, who is in pain, claims that her daughter was shot as she exited the bowling alley after attending a friend’s birthday celebration.

How old was LaKevia Jackson when she died?

At the time, LaKevia was around 31 years old. Her date of birth, on the other hand, has remained a secret.

There isn’t a lot of information on LaKevia Jackson. Her Wikipedia page, meanwhile, is missing from the Internet.

Because Young Thug hasn’t spoken about the victim, it’s also difficult to learn anything about her.

Furthermore, no information about Thug and Jackson’s child has been released.

Who Killed LaKevia Jackson in Atlanta Bowling?

Atlanta police are looking for the guy who shot and killed LaKevia Jackson over a bowling ball, according to investigators.

It happened at Metro Fun Center on Metropolitan Parkway in southwest Atlanta.

LaKevia Jackson seemed to be at a bowling alley celebration and was involved in an altercation that developed into gunfire throughout the evening, according to CBS46.

Just before 11 p.m., police were told to appear at the Metro Fun Center, an entertainment center with a skating rink, bowling alley, and more.

According to police working on the case, there is just one male suspect, as well as surveillance footage, ballistic evidence, and many cooperating witnesses.

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