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Laura Betker works as a meteorologist for KABE 11, a Minneapolis-based NBC affiliate. She is a communicator, environmentalist, and journalist from the United States.

She previously worked at WLIO in Lima, Ohio, as a morning meteorologist.

She has previously worked in radio and with the American Heart Association.

Bryan Piatt: Who Is He? -Husband of Laura Betker

Bryan Piatt’s wife is Laura Betker. Bryan Piatt is a mental health campaigner.

“Take What Serves, Leave the Rest,” his podcast, is hosted by him. He is pursuing a career as a therapist.

Bryan and Laura are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters. In a social media post, Laura disclosed the name of one of her children, Bianca.

The pair has decided to stay in Minneapolis.

Laura Betker visited France, Norway, Russia, Iceland, Ireland, and Spain, among other European countries. In 2006, she graduated with a B.S. in atmospheric and oceanic science and started her first employment.

In June 2006, Betker started her first meteorological job at Weather Eye Radio Network, where she reported live on the radio every day. She departed that job in March 2008, after more than two years, and would not work as a meteorologist for another two years.

Laura Betker: Is She Pregnant Again?

No! Laura Betker has no intention of having a second child. In November 2021, she gave birth to her third child.

Laura revealed the news in a May Instagram post. Her Instagram handle is @laurabetker11.

Her most recent Instagram image features her third child, with a comment praising her lovely family of five.

Her maternity leave was coming to an end, and she was ready to return to work at KABE 11, according to the post.

Biography of Laura Betker

Laura Betker grew up in Corcoran, Minnesota, a small town on the western outskirts of Minneapolis. Laura Betker majored in oceanography and atmospheric science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Laura began her studies in 2002 and then transferred to Semester at Sea, a program that allows students to complete their education while living on a boat.

Betker got back into meteorology after moving to Lima, Ohio, in 2010 and worked as a reporter and meteorologist for WLIO-TV. She worked there till 2012, when she moved to KARE 11 to take up her current post.

While on her two-year weather vacation, Laura performed a few odd jobs. She was named director of the Star of the North Chinese Shar-Pei Club in March 2008. The purpose of an AKC-licensed group was to bring Shar-Pei owners together, disseminate breed knowledge, and save Shar-Peis.

Simultaneously, she worked at the American Heart Association as an executive assistant, where she handled administrative duties, organized schedules, and a variety of other tasks. She left these positions in 2010 to work for WLIO-TV.

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