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The Cobb County District Attorney’s Office’s Senior Assistant District Attorney is Linda Dunikoski.

“I am a career prosecutor with 17 years of experience in the courtroom, managing complicated cases from inception to verdict,” Dunikoski writes on LinkedIn.

Dunikoski earned her JD in law from Georgia State University College of Law after studying political science at Indiana University Bloomington.

Dunikoski, the chief of the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office’s Appellate Section, collaborates with colleagues to brief and argue legal matters before the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Travis McMichael testified in his own defense in the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery, which began on Thursday. Dunikoski, the lead prosecution, cross-examined McMichael.

McMichael stated he was “under the notion” that Arbery was a threat since he was racing straight towards him on his second day of testimony while under ross-examination by the prosecution.

“All he did was run away from you, and you pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at him,” prosecutor Dunikoski said.

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