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List of Countries Free And Without The CoronaVirus

by Jay

The novel coronavirus has swept through many nations bringing death to thousands and unemployment to millions. The world watched as the virus swept China and proceeded to other major cities throughout the world; and with the world being one global village, it met little resistance.

Solomon Islands’ sunset (image by the Solomon Islands’ Visitors Bureau)
The countries of the world are still battling with how best to deal with and eradicate the virus and they’ve made various strides in curtailing its spread especially in China where it all began. These efforts in curtailing the spread include; the advocacy and implementation of social distancing, massive production of medical supplies including hand sanitizers, gloves, face masks, PPE and others.Fishing in the Solomon Islands (image care of Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau).

However, some countries are not battling with the coronavirus and this can be traced to the fact that the coronavirus has not found its way into some isolated countries, wartorn countries and islands.
Below are the countries free and without coronavirus;



1. Yemen


2. Nauru


3. North Korea


4. Malawi


5. Burundi


6. Kiribati


7. Tuvalu


8. Micronesia


9. South Sudan


10. Tajikistan


11. Turkmenistan


12. Botswana


13. Solomon Islands


14. Comoros


15. Samoa


16. Tonga


17. Sao Tome and Principe


18. Palau


19. Vanuatu


20. Marshall Islands


21. Sierra Leone


22. Lesotho


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Mr Shogzie -

Those countries don’t have 5g network!

Jayamma Abanobi -

Lol.. You’re right bro, but they are loaded with nature! Especially Solomon Islands, Nauru etc


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