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Mayra Flores Children

Mayra Flores has four children with her husband John Vallejo. The name of her oldest child and son is John Michael. In an Instagram post she made in May 2022, she celebrated him.

She wrote,

Our Son John Michael received the Sacrament of Confirmation this week and we couldn’t be more prouder. If we want real change in our communities we must strengthen our faith in God and families.

Nancy Pelosi Pushes Away Mayra Flores Daughter

During a picture opportunity last week, a newly elected congressman claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had pushed her little daughter.

Pelosi can be seen in the video waving off-camera as she looks down at Flores’ daughter who is standing next to her and extends her elbow as the toddler leans to the side.

Mayra Flores said,

“I am so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her,” Rep. Mayra Flores, R-Texas, said in a tweet with a video of the incident that took place during her swearing-in ceremony on June 21.

“She continued to smile and pose for the picture like a Queen,” Flores said of her daughter.

“No child should be pushed to the side for a photo op. PERIOD!!”

Mayra Flores Congresswoman Career

Flores announced her candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in Texas’ 34th congressional district after incumbent Democratic representative Filemon Vela Jr. announced in March 2021 that he would not seek re-election in 2022.

She conducted her campaign by appealing to the frustration of Hispanic and Latino Americans with the Democratic Party, which they have traditionally backed in the South Texas region.

Following the creation of new congressional districts as part of the 2020 redistricting cycle, incumbent Democrat Vicente Gonzalez of the 15th district declared his candidacy for the newly created 34th district.

Flores and Gonzalez won their respective political primary on March 1, 2022, and will square off in the general election on November 8, 2022.

Mayra Flores announced her intention to compete for the special election to fill the vacancy, which was conducted on June 14, 2022. In the special election, Gonzalez did not run.

Flores won the race by defeating Democrat Dan Sanchez of Harlingen with 50.98 percent of the vote to Sanchez’s 43.33 percent, avoiding a runoff election.

She reported $752,000 in donations during the special election, whereas Sanchez reported $46,000. Flores was successful in flipping a Democratic House seat to a Republican.

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