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Mendonca had previously been engaged to Murilo Huff, a singer and songwriter.

The singer reportedly announced her lover in May 2019 after being in a committed relationship for five months.

Mendonca confirmed her pregnancy in June 2019 after the couple got engaged and moved in together.

Léo Dias Mendonça Huff was born eight weeks early in Goiânia, Brazil, on December 16, 2019.

Mendonca dissolved his romance with Huff on September 28, 2021, and became single again, according to Portuguese entertainment outlet Quem.

The former couple apparently opted to keep their friendship alive and preserve mutual respect for the sake of their child after their breakup, which Quem described as “something foolish.”

@murilohuff took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his followers for their expressions of support and concern.

The artist’s son, Léo Dias Mendonça Huff, is safe, according to a translated Instagram story.

Huff also informed that Mendonça’s relatives and friends will be able to pay their respects and bid him farewell.

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