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Nathaniel Stillwater Biography

Nathaniel Stillwater, Daniel Brophy’s only child with his first wife, is his sole child. They were well-known in the neighborhood for their strong relationship.

The father and son, on the other hand, were not always close. Daniel was estranged from Nathaniel, who adopted his mother’s surname.

His parents had recently divorced while he was only 13 years old. He quickly lost touch with his father as he grew up with his mother.

Everything changed when he turned 21, including his friendship with Brophy, and they eventually became good friends. Despite this, their great relationship didn’t continue long after his father died.

Daniel Brophy Son Dateline Interview

Nathaniel Stillwater has given an interview on the Dateline about his father’s murder case today. He testified previously at Nancy’s murder trial in 2022, saying,

“For the first two weeks, I kept a tight eye on her. I recall asking her if she was receiving any counseling, but I’m not sure if I was ever asked that question.”

He is most likely still living with his family now, grieving his father’s death.

Nathaniel Stillwater, Daniel Brophy’s son, testified against his stepmother Nancy for his father’s death.

Daniel Brophy died in June 2018, leaving behind his family and son Nathaniel Stillwater. It shocked everyone in the neighborhood who knew him as a dynamic and warm-hearted person.

The father and son were well-known for their close bond, which was admired by many. Daniel’s sad demise had the most profound impact on his kid, who was absolutely devastated and heartbroken.

Nathaniel Stillwater was seeking retribution for his father’s wrongful death. The criminal story “Murder in Kitchen One” is revisited by Dateline NBC.

“Murder in Kitchen One,” a new episode from NBC Deadline, tells the narrative of Daniel Brophy’s crime. Along with Nathaniel Stillwater, the series has featured a number of interviews.

It will air on June 10, 2022, and the crew will discuss Nancy Brophy. She is a romance novelist accused of murdering her husband, Daniel.

Stillwater previously testified during his stepmother Nancy’s trial and filed a wrongful death case for the loss of his parents, demanding $1.7 million in damages.

Nathieniel Stillwater Today

Despite the fact that Nathaniel Stillwater is Daniel Brophy’s son and only child from a previous marriage, he is said to have adopted his mother’s maiden name after their divorce when he was just 13 years old.

That’s probably because he’d not only lived with her but had also grown estranged from his father, only to reconcile with him around the age of 21 through a common acquaintance.

As a result, Daniel and Nathaniel’s relationship evolved from almost non-existent to a close father-son link to a deep friendship in which the kid felt he could talk to Daniel about anything.

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