Billions of Locusts Storm 3 African Countries About To Threaten Famine

  • Billions of Locusts storm Africa, set to possibly cause family
  • Concerns amidst climate change
  • Could spread to other countries

It was indeed a sight to behold as billions of locusts forming various large swarms stormed the African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia leaving crops in a mess of acute devastation.

So far, it is the biggest swarm of locusts that has been seen in decades, with billions of the ravenous insects flying their way through a region already affected adversely by climate change.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated that one locust invasion in Kenya covered around 2,400 square kilometers (930 square miles) and contained up to 200 billion locusts which descended to feed off plants and vegetation.

For citizens in Kenya, it has not been easy as people have been seen shooting in the air, waving sticks, banging cans and running around trying to chase the locusts away.

However, Ethiopia and Somalia, have seen this infestation to be the biggest in 25 years, and for Kenya it is the greatest swarm in 70 years, according to the FAO.

It should be noted that a locust consumes their own weight in food every day.

They are sworn enemies to farmers whi face frustration as vegetation is relevant for their crops and livestock .

The FAO has warned that the insects could “reproduce rapidly and, if left unchecked, their current numbers could grow 500 times by June,” spreading to Uganda.

People have been seen shooting in the air or waving sticks to fend off the locusts. is headed by Jayamma Abanobi and it is one of the fastest growing News and Information outlet in Nigeria

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