Sabiu and Emefiele

CBN Governor Alarmed By Billions in Sabiu Yusuf’s Bank Account

Farooq Kperogi popular Nigerian journalist and columnist based in the United States has alleged that Buhari’s nephew Sabiu “Tunde” Yusuf possesses billions of Naira in his bank account; in such an enormous amount that the Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele is surprised and shocked. FACTBOYZ.COM has now delved into the controversial, unverified accusation and development by Farouq Kperogi to get the full details. Read more below:

Farooq Kperogi
Farooq Kperogi

The article which was written by Professor Kperogi was shared on Facebook and it has indeed welcomed mixed reactions from readers who are critical of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration. Mr Kperogi’s accusation which has not yet been fully analyzed for possible errors comes at a time when the Aso Rock villa, and residential seat of the presidency battled with the controversy that surrounds it when a gun shot was reportedly fired in a tussle between Aisha Buhari (the first lady’s aides) and policemen allegedly attached to Sabiu Yusuf, the President’s nephew. The news of the problem which erupted in Aso Rock soon reached the media and various theories immediately sprung up concerning the controversy.

Buhari and Sabiu Tunde

However, lets look at the article and blatant accusation by Farooq Kperogi; he wrote:

Someone told me CBN governor Emefiele was so alarmed by the hundreds of billions Sabiu “Tunde” Yusuf has in his name in personal bank accounts that he advised Sabiu to mask some of the bank accounts and to divvy up the amounts in them to save his neck in a post-Buhari dispensation.

Sabiu reportedly said the billions in his accounts are “gifts” from people. But why didn’t he get such “gifts” when he was a recharge card seller? Accepting “gifts” for favors done while occupying a privileged government position (he’s Buhari’s Private Secretary and de facto Chief of Staff) is against the law.

Aisha Buhari, who is herself neck-deep in unimaginable corruption, has commissioned people to take photos of Sabiu’s multi-billion naira properties all over Nigeria. You may soon start seeing them on social media.

The stench bomb of fetid corruption that will explode after Buhari leaves office would be so unprecedentedly malodorous it would deaden Nigeria’s collective nasal sensibility for a long time. is headed by Jayamma Abanobi and it is one of the fastest growing News and Information outlet in Nigeria

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