CORONAVIRUS- Parents Abandon Children in Airport After Son Was Banned From Flying Due To Fever

  • The virus is believed to come from Wuhan, a city in China
  • It is believed to have been transferred to humans from snakes gotten from the SouthChina Seafood market in Wuhan
  • Chinese cities have been ordered to build quarantine hospitals to curtail spread of the deadly SARS-LIKE Virus

Following the outbreak of a very deadly disease, the coronavirus; measures have been taken at various airports worldwide to curtail its spread. A couple however shocked airline staff and workers after they left their own children to board a plane heading to Changsha in the Hunan province of China.

Amidst the shock, the already stunned airline staff and workers eventually took great care of them.

Pictures circulated quickly on Chinese social media cyberspace showing two children sitting on seats all alone and unattended to while others passengers waited by the departure gate to board their various planes.

“The airline company did not allow “the boy’ board the plane, but his parents disagreed. The couple protested the airline’s decision by reportedly blocking the departure gate, insisting the workers let their children through.

“At last, workers let the adults onto the plane, according to an eye witness, who added that the children were simply left to sit in the airport by themselves. The incident lasted for nearly two hours and police officers arrived to mediate between the protesting parents and the airline.

Eventually, the children were allowed to board the plane though they sat exclusively close to the cabin following concerns by fellow passengers worried about possible infection

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