Cows Cry As Wike Orders Auction of Trucks, Cows and Cars Caught Flouting Lockdown Order

Governor Nyesom Wike has done the unimaginable as he orders trucks, cows and cars caught flouting lockdown orders to be auctioned off.

Governor Nyesom Wike who has been utterly ruthless in ensuring Rivers state obeys the lockdown order due to the coronavirus has ordered the prosecution of 14 persons who moved cattle from Adamawa State into Port Harcourt subsequently breaching Rivers State borders closure and lockdown of Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor Local Government Areas as the fight against Coronavirus rages on.

Wike was not in a haste to stop as he also ordered the auction of the cattle and the two trucks intercepting them at Rumuigbo, Obio Akpor LGA in the wee hours of Friday.

One of those arrested, who truly felt sorry, Ahmed Aliyu, said they were engaged from Adamawa to bring in the cattle to the new slaughter in Oyigbo further claimed they paid N1500 to security agents to breach the state’s closed borders.

Wike also commended Rivers citizens for compliance; He said,

“This fight has nothing to do with individuals. The law must take its course. Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor are under lockdown and the law must be obeyed. The trailers and the cows will be auctioned tomorrow.

“You heard them saying they gave money to security agencies before they were allowed to cross the border. The owner of the cattle on the phone admitted they have fallen short of the law”

Wike in a bid to showcase his seriousness, directed the State Ministry of Health to conduct tests on the 14 persons to ascertain their Coronavirus status.

The offenders were also dragged to the court by the highly esteemed Office of the Attorney General of Rivers for alleged breach of Executive Order RVSG 06 2020 which imposes the lockdown, prohibiting human and vehicular movement in the Port Harcourt metropolis.

So far, Wike’s move is a class of mastery in leadership as he pushes hard to enforce law and order in Rivers state.

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