Ex-US Soldiers Caught After Assassination Attempt on Venezuelan President

It was a dramatic moment as two US soldiers were caught after the South American country of Venezuela’s Army foiled their coup attempt.

The so called ‘amateur’ coup attempt was led by Green Beret with his two Special Forces buddies – and allegedly ‘backed by ‘hidden US billionaires’

The goal as they set out in full confidence was to assassinate controversial President and an alleged dictator Maduro with ‘300 untrained men’
The two U.S. former special forces soldiers were soon apprehended and arrested after they arrived the country. They were dramatically caught on camera as their ‘plot to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’ was foiled.

President Maduro immediately laid accusing fingers on the Trump administration calling the arrested men ‘terrorist mercenaries

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The Venezuela’s opposition leader and President recognised by US and some other western allies Juan Guaidó, denied involvement in a virtual address to the National Assembly. The neighboring Colombia, also denied their involvement in the plot.

Footage also shows Venezuelan authorities catching the group as they landed in a fishing boat subsequently arresting them.
Security forces who guard the shore area claimed a group of armed men landed in the port city of La Guaira, Venezuela on Sunday, May 3, 2020.

According to CNN, one if the captured soldier’s mother Kay, said she was concerned for her son’s safety and so far hasn’t heard from the US government.

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She spoke to CNN saying,

“We are trying to get information and looking for what we need to do here on our side,”

“No one has contacted myself or my husband.”

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