General Adeyemi Yekini Behind The Killing of Gana – TIV Youth Forum

General Adeyemi Yekini has been fingered as the alleged mastermind behind the killing of Terwase Agwaza aka Gana by Taraba state TIV Youth Forum.

See the press release below,


Gentlemen of the press

The Taraba State Tiv Youth Forum and the entire Tiv Nation condemned the killing of Terwase Akwaza by Nigerian army, call on federal government to investigate the army and general Yekini the commander in charge of operation whirl stroke.

1. We condemned in totality the killing of any human being in the country and destruction of property by any group, we are also aware of the fact that the siad Terwase Agwaza may have commited these atrocities but it has become necessary for us to condemned the brutal killing of Terwase Akwaza and others by the army.

2. The said Terwase Akwaza was granted amnesty by Governor Samuel Ortom in 2015, but there was no proper arrangement to rehabilitate the criminal who has so many dependants which pave way for him to go back to his old way of life.

3. The Tiv nation do not in any way support crime of any kind that was why the likes of Uber and Orjondo were killed by the army in there hidout, because both refused to take advice from the Sankera elders to abandon their criminal way of life.

4. The said Terwase Akwaza has been on the army trail for more than four years without any trace of his existence, so many lives and property worth billions of naira were destroyed in the name of looking for the wanted criminal, the Sankera traditional and political leaders decided to wage into the matter and persuaded Akwaza to denounce his activities and start a normal life or face what happen to Orjondo.

5. With so many calls and persuasion by the people, on 8th September, 2020, Akwaza sarrounder himself to the elders in Katsina Ala where thousand of people came to witness the event and encourage him not to go back on his dicission to repent.

6. The Jukun had long ago wanted Terwase Akwaza to be killed, they believe he was responsible for the strong resistance from the Tiv side who refused to be evicted from Taraba State by Jukun. Gen. Yekini who was part of the amnesty has collected huge amount of money from the Jukun to make sure that Terwase Akwaza and other Tiv freedom fighters were eliminated, a close source revealed to us that the Taraba State Government has paid over thirty billion naira to Gen. Yekini and another special donation of not less than ten billion naira from Gen, T. Y. Danjuma was also given to Yekini.

7. Gen. Adeyemi Yekini ordered for the interception of the convoy that was conveying Akwaza to Makurdi in Gboko local government around Yadev. To conclude the irony, the army as usual made a press conference telling Nigerians that Agwaza was killed in a gunfire battle, but could not tell Nigerian where the battle took place.

8. Gen. Adeyemi Yekini had stay in Makurdi for more than four years now, but the Tiv in Guma and Nasarawa are still in their IDP camps, how effective is he and his boys in the field? How long will it take for Tiv to understand that their real enemy is Gen. Yekini? If it takes the general more than four years to fight herders, how long will it take him to fight Boko Haram? Can general Yekini tell nigerians his achievements in this crisis area and why the Tiv are still in their IDP camps?

9. If the army are celebrating the death of Mr Akwaza, Benue people should not celebrate this barbaric act, the army have put the traditional rulers in a big mess to loss control and trust in subsequent times over none convert. The Tiv must wake-up and shine their eyes to see the evil plan against them by the army. The Tiv chiefs in Taraba State are been harrasseed even put in prison like Tyoor Mbajir, Tyoor Mbatyula and Ter Gassol, all our youths had been declared bandits, criminals, kidnappers by Taraba State government, most of our youth are now in prison, but Gen. Yekini can not tell nigerians how many Jukun chiefs and youth have been arrested or are standing trial in any court of law since the beginning of the Jukun and Tiv crisis in Taraba State.

10. General Adeyemi Yekini has failed to protect the Tiv in Taraba State, all the Jukun settlements are heavily protected by army personel but none of the Tiv settlements in Taraba has an army camp to protect them, the general has also positioned some of his personel in Tiv villages to enable the Jukun to take over the villages, the activities of the army is also responsible for the reason why the crisis is stil on,even when the army sees Jukun with arms and ammunition no action is taken against them.

11. When T. Y. Danjuma accused the army of colluding with Fulani, the army quickly setup an investigation panel to look into the matter, General Yekini men had destroyed Peva, Tse Juku, Tor Iorshagher, Ikyaior, Ananum, Tor Damisa rapping and killing of innocent souls in Taraba, none of these events has ever been investigated, rather the defence headquarters would claim they were carrying raid on criminal hideout where children of less than ten years were killed and heavy weapons were used on the villagers (see pix)

12. When Bala Hamisu (Wadume) was declared wanted by the police and suddenly arrested, three police officers and a civilian lost their lives in the process, the killer’s of these police officers and Wadume are all alive, Fusky was arrested he is still alive, amnesty was conducted in Niger Delta nobody was killed in the process why is Benue case different? How many of the repented Boko Haram has been killed by the army? Why most they wait for Terwase Agwaza to sarrounder himself before killing him?

13. The Governor of Katsina went to the Bush to negotiate with bandits, no bandit was killed even though they came to the meeting with their guns and ammunition (see Pix) what the army had done to Terwase Agwaza is a crime against international law and our people must rise to say no to this act of lawlessness.

14. Chris Dega was dismissed for killing Mohammed Yusuf, this is what General Yekini want in Tiv nation, the Tiv leaders, traditional rulers, politicians and all hands most be on desk to handle our enemy who are trying to set us up against each other, this is not the time to blame our leaders, the people who plan this amnesty did nothing bad for the Tiv nation, if there is any one that we should fight, is the one sleeping in our house and eating our food, and the man is General Yekini. Those of you that survived yesterday, do not blame your leaders for their action, they meant well for you.

15. We do not support crime, so we do not support lawlessness. Our SANs and professors this is the time.

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