I Killed Your Son And Nothing Will Happen – AWKUZU SARS OFFICER

Mr Emmanuel Iloabuchi Iloanya lost his son back in 2012 after an Officer in Charge of Awkuzu Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), Mr. James O. Nwafor and his men allegedly killed his son Mr Chijioke Iloanya without getting arrested or prosecuted for their crime.

Mr Iloanya recounted how his son was arrested and gruesomely killed in cold blood by one Mr Jame O. Nwafor, now a retired police officer attached to Awkuzu SARS who led his boys to a naming ceremony and arrested attendees made up of mostly young men; according to some sources some of these arrested men were reported missing or dead and unfortunately, Mr Chijioke John Ilonanya was amongst those who couldn’t make it out alive.Upon learning about his arrest, on November 31, 2012, Mr Ilonanya in company of his wife went to the Awkuzu Police Station were they met their son in handcuff, but while trying to secure his release, they were driven out of the police station.Unsettled with the proceedings, Mr Iloanya proceeded to the office of the Anambra State Commissioner of Police where he met the Commissioner and his deputy. Upon narrating his sons ordeal to them, they promised him that nothing would happen to his son, but this promised was never fulfilled.Upon his subsequent visit to the commissioner, Mr Nwafor was summoned but never showed up.It was on his visit to the Commissioner’s office in January 2013 that the Deputy Commissioner of Police told him of his son’s death.Mr Iloanya proceeded to the Awkuzu SARS office where he met Mr James Nwafor. Upon request for his son’s whereabouts, Mr Nwafor told him,“Go, I have wasted your son”.This insensitive statement didn’t go down well with Mrs Iloanya as she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital upon hearing what Mr Nwafor said as he bragged.Mr Iloanya proceeded to seek justice to his son as he decided to take action to bring the Mr Nwafor SARS official to justice.He met one, Rt Col. Emmanuel Udechukwu (now Late), a human right activist through who Mr Iloanya delivered the sum N1.5M to the Awkuzu SARS but nothing came forth.Till today, Mr Iloanya has not set eyes on his son nor seen his corpse.Mr Iloanya hereby calling on the Nigerian Police Force, NGOs and well meaning Nigerian to help him get justice for his son.He said,“I know that my son is dead, but i just want justice”Mr Illoanya can be reached on 08035501598.

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