Nigerian Church Wins Government in Covid-19 Relief Package Challenge

A church has strongly put the government to a duel after it unveiled its Covid-19 relief packages which were obviously bigger than that of the government’s.

What the church gave

This was shared according to a Nairaland user who praised his pastor and his church’s leadership after foodstuff was donated in large quantities.

According to him

Foodstuffs were sent to strategic families and placed in different areas for easy distribution to other church members within the area.
Because where I live is easily accessible to most families around my area, I was chosen as a kind of depot.
Items received; 2 bags of rice, 1 bag of beans, 20 crates of eggs, carton of tin tomatoes, Sphagetti, indomie, 2 cartons of sardines, 2 cartons of cooking oil
I’ve already received calls from some families who’ll be coming to pick up their items once the curfew is over for the day. So I’ll simply draw an inventory where they sign after receiving the foodstuffs
A big shout out to my pastor for being a caring man of God and leading by example.
Note; This is the second batch I am receiving in two weeks.

The government is challenged with this church and hopes to outperform them next time.

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