“Nightmare is Coming” Meet The Next Ruthless North Korean Leader Set To Replace Kim Jong Un

Following the rumored botched heart surgery of North Korean’s ruthless leader Kim Jong Un, analysts claim the dictator could be struggling for his life. This comes after doctors flew in into North Korea from China last week; in a bid to save Kim’s life.

The next ruler of North Korea, the most isolated country in the world is no other but the sister of Kim Jong Un. The North Korean policy ensures that power remains in Kim’s family with opposition crushed as far back as when Kim’s grandfather ruled the country.

Currently, Kim doesn’t seem to be in good health with many worried about his health, which leaves a vacant place in the country’s highest office. Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong, is already waiting ready to be the next leader of the Asian country.

As estimated by international analysts, Kim Yo-jong could even be more ruthless and deadly than her brother who has now ruled for 8 years. His 8 year rule has been full of abuses of human rights (which is not a new thing in the country), sparking international debate and fear by carrying out missile tests with some countries including USA as targets, and of course killing his own uncle who opposed him.

He has also provoked the US and its ally South Korea with missile tests, demonstrating his ability to strike both countries.

And there are fears his sister, who shares the same unexplained family passion for weapons development, could do more to “show her mettle”.

Ms Kim is a Computer graduate and the indisputable fifth and youngest child of the late Kim Jong-il.

She is reputed to be just like her brother, as they are known to live in huge luxury amidst the starving population of North Korea.

She was educated in Switzerland, where she lived with Kim Jong Un living with luxuries such as a private chef and team of armed bodyguards.

She returned to North Korea where she continued with her university education..

In a televised meeting where Kim Jong Un met Donald Trump, she was spotted also walking amongst the North Korean delegation.

She is most likely going to be the next ruler of the already economic-poverty stricken country.

Kim Jong-chul, their elder brother, wont be chosen because he is seen as a unserious person with little interest in politics and hence not considered to lead the country.

Her other Half-brother Kim Jong-nam died in an assassination in Malaysia back in 2017, while her  half-sister Kim Sol-song is not thought to take over.

According to Sung Yoong Lee, an American expert on the Koreas,

“It is entirely possible Ms Kim would be even more tyrannical than her brother, father or grandfather.”

“She will have to show her mettle by provoking the US with major weapons tests and lethal attacks on South Korea and US forces stationed there.”

So far, seven decades of rule by the Kim dynasty have seen thousands executed and millions dying of starvation.  In North Korea, the smallest of offenses can see you kiss the prison bars in the country.

Ms Kim has has reportedly stayed quiet in the face of the regime’s brutality, without voicing including when her uncle was executed.

The world will only wait and see as events unfold in North Korea.

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