Queen Elizabeth Solemnly Cancels Traditional Birthday Celebration For First Time Since 1956

The oldest ruling monarch in the world Queen Elizabeth has solemnly announced that she won’t be holding any special occasion to mark her 94th birthday this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the globe.

According to a spokesman for the Buckingham Palace the announcement came today at the Queen’s request and for the first time during her 68-year reign, there will be no gun salutes in the royal parks.

The aide said:

“Her Majesty was keen that no special measures were put in place to allow gun salutes as she did not feel it appropriate in the current circumstances.”

However, the tradition will be in the form of a social media post which will mark the day on Tuesday, but calls and video calls with family will be made private.

The Department for Culture Media and Sport have already written to government buildings in the UK specifying standard advice on flag flying protocol. It however included the following in its instructions:

“In the current circumstances we are not expecting everyone to be able to follow this advice and you should continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines as set out by the Government.”

The Queen will mark her birthday in a very private mood in Windsor, where she is safe and has been with her 98-year-old husband Prince Philip since leaving Buckingham Palace on March 19.

During the Easter celebrations, The Queen praised the actions of millions of Brits obeyed the stay at home order hence saving the lives of others.

Her Majesty said,

“Coronavirus will not overcome us”

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