Renowned Best-Seller Author Robert Kiyosaki Endorses Bitcoin

In an unbelievable twist, renowned author Robert Kiyosaki whose book Rich dad Poor dad made the list of the best-selling financial education book has endorsed the use of crypto currency. The 73 year old top American business man and millionaire made this revelation on his verified twitter account.

The millionaire believes that Bitcoin is the future, pushing aside the US dollar which he believes is dying away. He argued distinctively pointing out undeniable facts regarding the dwindling influence of the US dollar amid the coronavirus pandemic. He alleged that the US government was printing fake US dollars in their trillions to help save the dollar pointing out that it is a good development for Gold, Silver and Bitcoin.

He also went ahead to encourage potential investors to loosen-up and invest saying,

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Robert Kiyosaki’s Influence

With regards to the financial education world, Robert Kiyosaki stands tall as a legend whose financial advise has helped sustained businesses and helped others avoid bankruptcy. His statement on crypto currency investment will sure push a lot of people who have been skeptical about investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins available in the crypto world.

The Actual Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s greatest hit was in December 18th 2017, when it was a whooping $20,089 to one bitcoin. Though that figure has dwindled over the past, with many insinuating a comeback, bitcoin is here to stay and will definietely rule the financial market in the future as the world pushes for globalism. Currently, payment using bitcoin has doubled over the years across digital markets and shops. Bitcoin ATMs are currently in use in North America, Finland, Spain and other parts of Europe. Popular people who are endorsing its use are on the rise; celebrities such as Elon Musk, Kanye West, Ashton Kutcher and a host of others prove the coin is here to stay. Its time to invest and those that must heed the call and succeed, must see the future in the coin! is headed by Jayamma Abanobi and it is one of the fastest growing News and Information outlet in Nigeria

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