Russia Develops World Deadliest Sniper Rifle Over 3000meters Range

The Russians have taken a step further in the arms race by developing the deadliest sniper rifle weapon which already claims the spot to be the world’s most deadly sniper rifle. The special rifle is also known as the ‘game-changer’.

The ‘Game Changer’ Image:

The game-changer doesn’t come cheap and costs about £30,000 to acquire. Quite a fortune for a weapon!

It’s accuracy is top-notch and mouthwatering as it reaches distances up to 3000 meters. According to The Mirror, this range is double the effective range of the L115A3, a sniper rifle used by the British Army which is accuracy sums up to 1,500m.

Deadly Russian Sniper Rifle Image:

The rifle weighs 10kg and it works this way; it fires one round at a time due to its single-shot bolt action mechanism.

According to its chief engineer Yuri Sinichkin,

“This weapon was made piece by piece, just like a Ferrari or Porsche, for people who appreciate high precision guns as well as for professional snipers.”

The rifle works this way, it aggressively fires a 408 inch Cheyenne Tactical round which leaves the barrel at 900m per second, almost three times the normal speed of sound!

Sinichkin also added by saying “Such a bullet can pierce a rail that is 3cm thick”

A ‘nightmare’ for bulletproof vests’ Image:

The weapon is alleged to be able to penetrate some bullet proof vests and is considered highly deadly. This weapon will definitely be a cherished prize for Russian snipers and others who can purchase it! is headed by Jayamma Abanobi and it is one of the fastest growing News and Information outlet in Nigeria

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