Senegal Shocks WHO As They Develop Covid-19 Test Kit That Costs Only $1 And $60 Ventilator

Senegal ingenuity and innovation is without doubt and reproach as they developed a covid19 test kit that cost approximately $1. Thats right! You read well, $1!

Their ‘invention’ has indeed taken the world by surprise considering where it is coming from.

This is in tune with their smart strategy to test ALL their citizens!

The test kit simply involves taking blood and saliva samples of patients and due to its low cost of production there is plenty of kits to go round for everyone!

The Senegalese did not stop there alone as they also created a ventilator that cost approximately $60 through the aid of 3d printing. Let’s not forget that the average ventilator costs a whooping $15000.

As at the time of this report, Senegal has only 2 casualties from their over 600 cases and they’ve used a combinaton of antimalarial drugs to combat the virus.

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