South East Why? As Survey Reveals 60% Do Not Believe in Covid-19

Presidential Task Force Co-ordinator Sani Aliyu has thrown in his comments on the reception of Covid-19 by Nigerians with the beam of focus on the South Eastern part of the country. His comments and keen observations come after a survey was taken where the participants who resided in the South East were asked some questions. Sadly, a whooping 60% believed that they need not worry about the virus or take precautionary measures.

Dr Sani Aliyu
Dr Sani Aliyu

Aliyu who was concerned in a patriotic way said,

”Nigerians have continued to show persistent and remarkable lack of compliance to COVID19 prevention protocols which is quite worrying.

In the cities where the adherence to these protocols were high in the initial two weeks of the ease lockdown, progressively over time, citizens are letting down their guards and this remains of great concern. There is partial to total non-compliance to face mask and physical distancing protocols by the public. Many Nigerians only use their facemask either to avoid security agents or where they are told to do so.

There is also significant disbelief in the danger and impact of COVID19. In parts of the South East where we did a survey, 60% did not believe that COVID was an issue at all.

We clearly are not taking the pandemic seriously enough.”

Mr Aliyu’s comments and observations come from a patriotic Nigerian who is passionate to stop the spread of the virus by the adequate enlightening of the general public on the dangers and consequences of contracting the deadly viral disease.

The use of Facemasks, washing the hands after going out and coming home for about 40 seconds, and keeping social distancing must be highly encouraged.

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