US-Based Man Calls Out Linda Ikeji For Character Defamation After Blogger Allegedly Reported His Death

  • Accuses popular, reputable blogger of character destination
  • Demands 1 million dollars before a given date

An aggrieved man has called out popular and legendary Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji accusing her of defamation of character after claiming the blogger reported a false story about how he died while still alive. The man took to Facebook but his demands are hilarious.

See his post here,

Open letter to Linda lkeji

TTT Ceo: Iord Okechukwu Promise Okechukwu VS billionaire Linda Ikeji of Linda Ikeji blog.
Dear Linda lkeji,
On the 14th January 2020 u blogged my photos to over 7B audience worldwide stating that I was killed by
gun shot in California USA.
Notice to general public:

1. Okechukwu was never shot & I am hearty and healthy.
Damages caused by Linda Ikeji:
1m dollars loss to my TTT foundations
resulting from

-Defamations of character
-Assassinations of character
-Emotional trauma
-Heart attack to my mom and my fiancée which resulted to hospitalization.
-Social isolation by Nigeria community in California
who labeled my “ghost” due to the misinformation.
-Invasion of my privacy
-Death threats from audiences who believed am a ghost.
-loss of business contracts.

Dear Linda Ikeji l respect and cherish ur career & public image & love u like a father.


owever u have till 7/7/2020 to meet my legal counsel for 1m dollars settlement and run a 365 consecutive days public apology on NTA & major news channels.

Most annoyingly I contacted u on phone u &u have the impetus to block me unapologetically.
My government name is Okechukwu Promise Okechukwu. I have mailed u my credentials in case u wanna contact USA embassy or Fbi.

After 7/7/2020 I will tender this case to Neo Black movements of Africa, Church of England, Nigerians
theologians association, Nigeria Basket Ball association, Hollywood elites Freemasons, Nigeria
Nurses association, PDP of Nigeria Ekpereufuma rotary club of Geneva & Awka Etiti improvements association, Nigeria police force & NCC.

My titled name is “Oforkaogu.
Linda Ikeji if u think am comedian I include u on my 700 chapters real time prophetic author biography
Grace & Curse .
If my mother’s health deteriorates from this saga I go 700degrees metaphysical.

Yours sincerely:
Okechukwu promise Okechukwu
AKA only2timesDVlottowinner/ Angel of Los Angeles.
20 Jan 2020.
Remain blessed & favored.
Whom Has God blessed.. no man can curse. is headed by Jayamma Abanobi and it is one of the fastest growing News and Information outlet in Nigeria

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