[US ELECTIONS] Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As Running Mate

The Democrats Nominee for the US 2020 Presidential elections Joe Biden has finally chosen his running mate Kamala Harris for the elections as he is set to challenge Trump in the polls.

Joe Biden who was advised to pick a black woman as his running mate picked Kamala Harris an American lawyer and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from California since 2017.

Kamala Harris is the second African American woman and the first Indian American to serve in the United States Senate.
Kamala was born in Oakland California to two immigrant parents: an Indian-born mother and Jamaican-born father, though raised by a single Hindu woman who took her after her parents divorce.

Kamala Harris is a staunch supporter of de-funding the US police, a stand that does not go down well with many Americans. She and Biden have a hurdle to cross in their attempt to “Un-sit” Donald J Trump whose support all over the US is strong.

Joe Biden also seems to be on the spotlight with many questioning his ability to answer questions as recent video clips suggest he could have dementia because of incoherent answers to questions he is asked.

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