Woman Plays Violin As Doctors Perform Brain Surgery in UK

Indeed the saying “wonders shall never end is a quote that will never end! A violinist played her violin during a brain tumor removal surgery in London, United Kingdom.

The violinist, Dagmar Turner played her beloved instrument as surgeons removed a brain tumor.

Of course, she wasn’t just trying to impress surgeons when she played the violin during her brain surgery at King’s College Hospital.

It is reported that surgeons requested the 53-year-old to play her instrument in a bid to ensure that the her musical abilities as a professional in violin-playing is not damaged or lost while the surgery session lasted.

The tumor, was located in her right frontal lobe, which was so close to the part of her brain, responsible for coordinating sensitive movements in her left hand. These regions are extremely important for playing the violin.

Before she was operated on, Dagmar said,

“The violin is my passion. I’ve been playing since I was 10 years old,” . “The thought of losing my ability to play was heart-breaking.”

Dr. Keyoumars Ashkan, the neurosurgeon who led the team in Turner’s delicate operation, and who coincidentally doubles as a musician, had this to say;

“Twenty years ago the priority would have been to preserve basic movement in a patient,”

Ashkan told the Sunday Times, quote

“We wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to protect the finest, most delicate, most absolute, critical executive aspect of movement needed in a violinist.”

Turner’s ordeal began when aje learned in 2013 that she had a slow-growing tumor in her brain’s right frontal lobe, according to the hospital

The process began with a team of medical experts spending closento two hours mapping Turner’s brain to find our which areas were active when she played the violin.

To the doctors, it was an accomplished medical feat as they successfully removed over 90% of the tumor without damaging Turner’s fine motor skills.

Turner’s operation was a success and she went home to her husband and son three days after the operation.

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