Woman Snatches Daughter’s Husband, Gives Birth For Him- Daughter Shocked

A lady is currently in emotional pain and sorrow following her mother’s role in destabilizing her marriage.

According to the distraught woman, “My mum paid £15,000 for my dream wedding… then had a BABY with my husband nine months later”

She 34, continued by telling how she can never forgive her mother, 53, after she experienced what can be referred to as an ultimate betrayal and heartbreak after seeing her marry her ex, 35.

The lady identified as Lauren Wall had her husband walk out of the marriage just weeks after wedding.

Her mum Julie had continuously denied having an affair but still went on to marry her daughter’s ex.

Julie, 53, said: ‘We are married. We didn’t have an affair. We are married and that’s it.’ Paul, however, declined to comment.


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