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Npower NASIMS Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment | Capture your Fingerprint on NASIMS Batch C Portal

Npower NASIMS Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment Verification is currently ongoing on NASIMS Npower Batch C Portal. All applicants are to login to the portal and complete this step as mandated by Npower.

Npower Fingerprint Enrollment is for those whose profile has been screened by Npower and verification icon has been marked as successful. The biometric capture for Npower Batch C applicants is just to verify the information you provided earlier when updating your records on NASIMS Portal.

So if your profile is verified and you have completed your Npower fingerprint capture procedure, you are free to proceed to the next stage of the Npower recruitment process. As stated earlier, you just need to the biometric capture to enable Npower verify your information.

NASIMS Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment

So what this NASIMS Biometric enrollment software all about? Npower demands this of all applicants in order for them to successfully verify the identity of their applicants. Once you are able to do this enrollment on NASIMS software, then you are good to go.

The software is on NASIMS Website, all you need to do is to login to the portal with your profile information and check the verification icon, if you are verified, then proceed with the next step which is enrolling your fingerprint for capture on the portal.

Npower Biometric Verification

The procedure for NASIMS Biometric verification is very easy. To verify your account, your fingerprint need to be uploaded on www.nasims.gov.ng and you need to do that urgently so Npower can capture your information and at the same time, verify your profile.

Npower fingerprint portal is open. Simply login with your device or visit any cafe and complete the NASIMS fingerprint capture on the portal NASIMS.gov.ng

Firstly, ensure you have uploaded the correct information on the portal so that you can be verified successfully. The procedure to do this is quite easy and would only demand that you login to Npower portal.

Npower Biometric Software Download

The Npower NASIMS biometric enrollment software can be downloaded online. This means you can obtain the package and installer on the web. The link to download is available online. Simply search for NASIMS biometric app download and you will find the official website provided by NASIMS.gov.ng.

To make it easier for you, simply visit this NASIMS Portal link and login to the portal so you should be able to download and make use of the biometric verification software for Npower batch c applicants. Once you have been able to capture your fingerprint on the portal, that should do and you should be eligible to be shortlisted.

To get more updates on NASIMS Biometric / Fingerprint Enrollment Software, simply leave your opinion and let us know how we can assist you further.

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