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Otoniel Net worth – How Rich is Colombian Drug Lord?



Otoniel Net worth

Otoniel Net worth – Otoniel’s exact net worth is not known, however, he is believed to be worth an approximate $1.2 billion. Otoniel whose real name is Dairo Antonio Úsuga was the most wanted drug lord after the rise and fall of El Chapo Guzman.

Otoniel Wikipedia

Otoniel Wikipedia – Dairo Antonio Úsuga (15 September 1971), commonly known as Otoniel, is a Colombian businessman and drug lord who was a leader of Los Urabeos, or the Gaitanista Autodefensas. The organization is vicious and well-armed, and its headquarters are in Columbia.

Otoniel Net worth
NameDairo Antonio Úsuga aka Otoniel
Date of Birth15 September 1971
Age50 years (2021)
Place of BirthNecocli, Antioquia, Colombia
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight155 lbs
Net worth$1.2 billion
CartelLos Urabeños or the Autodefensas Gaitanistas.

According to the US government, his group employs violence and intimidation to manage narcotics trafficking routes, cocaine processing laboratories, speedboat departure sites, and clandestine landing strips. The organization is active in 13 of Colombia’s 32 departments, the majority of which are located in the country’s northwest. Homicides increased by 443 percent in two years during a turf war with a rival criminal group for drug trafficking routes.

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Dairo Antonio Úsuga aka Otoniel Background

Dairo Antonio Úsuga aka Otoniel Background – Otoniel was born in Necocli, Antioquia, Colombia on the 15th of September 1971. He was born during the presidency of former Colombian President – Misael Pastrana Borrero.

Colombia had offered a reward of up to 3 billion pesos (about $800,000) for information regarding Otoniel’s whereabouts, while the United States had offered a reward of $5 million for assistance in finding him.

Molano stated that both prizes will be paid, describing Otoniel as “the worst kind” of criminal.

Following periods as a left-wing guerrilla and then as a paramilitary, Otoniel rose to become the leader of the drug-trafficking organisation Clan del Golfo, or Gulf Clan.

According to statistics released by Colombia’s national police, the Clan del Golfo has a presence in 12 of the country’s 32 provinces and has 3,800 members.

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Authorities claim that the Clan del Golfo is also involved in illegal mining. The government also charges the gang of assassinating and terrorizing community leaders across the country. Otoniel Net worth

Otoniel Wikipedia

Otoniel Age

Otoniel Age – Otoniel, Colombian drug lord is50 years of age as at 2021. He was born in 1971.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga aka Otoniel Arrest

How Otoniel Was Caught – On Saturday, Dairo Antonio Suga, also known as Otoniel, was apprehended during a combination army, air force, and police operation.

Otoniel was apprehended at his rural refuge in Antioquia province, near the Panamanian border, in northwestern Colombia. 500 soldiers were part in the operation, which was backed up by 22 helicopters. One police officer was killed in the incident.

To get around and avoid the authorities, Otoniel used a network of rural safe homes, and he didn’t use a phone, instead depending on couriers for contact. Police have previously discovered special orthopedic beds for Otoniel in these run-down houses, since he suffered from back discomfort due to a ruptured disc. According to police head Jorge Vargas, the drug boss was afraid of being apprehended and “never approached residential areas.”

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However, according to El Tiempo, authorities were able to determine the spot where he was eventually apprehended two weeks ago. More than 50 signal intelligence professionals tracked Chief Vargas’ movements using satellite images, according to him. The search included the help of agencies from the United States and the United Kingdom. Mr. Duque called the operation “the largest jungle incursion ever witnessed in our country’s military history.”

Colombia’s military forces then issued a photo of Otoniel, who was handcuffed and wearing rubber boots, being guarded by troops. In recent years, there have been several massive operations involving thousands of officers to apprehend the 50-year-old.

President Ivan Duque said on Saturday that Otoniel is also involved for killing police officers, recruiting minors, and sexually abusing youngsters, and that he exports hundreds of tonnes of cocaine every year.

Otoniel Net worth

Otoniel Wife

Otoniel Wife – Otoniel’s current wife is unknown as she has hidden herself in the shadows following his arrest. However, Otoniel has been involved with several women in the past.

Otoniel Net worth

Otoniel Cartel

Otoniel Cartel – Otoniel’s cartel is Los Urabeños or the Autodefensas Gaitanistas. The group is a violent and well armed group with headquarters in Columbia.

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