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Pastor Perry Stone FBI Allegations, Family, Wiki



Perry, a pastor and author, is fighting the Perry Stone Allegations and allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him by a former female employee. Continue reading to find out more.

Pastor Perry Stone Wiki

Pastor Perry Stone was born in the United States on June 23, 1959, in the county of Jay. Pastor Perry is a 62-year-old American consecrated Bishop who works for the International Ministry Center in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Working with the International Ministry Center to describe prophetic visions and the Pentecostal denomination, as well as to inspire the Bible, the Trinity, and redemption via Christ.

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Perry Stone began preaching at the age of 16, and at the age of 18, he was saved. With a height of 6 feet, he is quite tall. Stone earned a B.A. in Theology from Cleveland University in Tennessee, as well as three honorary degrees.

What Charges Have Been Leveled Against Perry Stone?

Perry Stone, a right-wing pastor, has been accused of sexual assault, and there are concerns that his friendship with local cops is impeding an inquiry. Now that the FBI may be involved, he’s already trying to minimize the damage.

Stone was accused of groping women who had worked for him, as well as requesting them to kiss him and trade images with him, solely to relieve the stress of being on the road.

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Stone’s initial denial of the charges appears to be much more tone-deaf than it previously was.

Perry Stone, a televangelist, admits he’s not perfect, but he calls accusations of abuse “demonic”: Perry Stone, a pastor and author, is fighting charges of sexual assault. On Christmas Eve, it was disclosed that an FBI probe into Stone’s claims.

Are there any allegations against Perry Stone? Is he being investigated by FBI?

Victims claim they have spoken to the FBI about Perry Stone, the preacher. The preacher has also been given a break by the board. Stone suffers difficult difficulties in this circumstance because of his big online following.


It all began in April 2020, when the board members received 11 letters, not just one. Stone was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior in those letters.

For these, Stone is now being investigated.

Despite the fact that he believes his acts were motivated by the stress of ministry.

Perry Stone’s Wife And Family Information

Pamela Stone is Pastor Perry Stone’s wife. Perry Stone and Pamela Stone were married in a private ceremony in 1982.

The couple has two children together: Jonathan Stone, a son, and Amanda Stone, a daughter. Stone’s wife works as a motivational speaker.

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