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Payton Gendron Twitch

According to a Twitch representative, Payton Gendron used the platform to livestream the incident. Twitch says the stream was pulled down less than two minutes after the violence began, and the user has been suspended indefinitely.

Payton Gendron reportedly started a livestream on Twitch while he carried out the mass shootings in Buffalo, NY. He is said to have livestreamed shooting on Twitch under the name “jimboboiii”

Payton Gendron Livestream Screenshots

Payton Gendron’s livestream on Twitch was reportedly screenshotted by some twitch enthusiasts who captured the unfortunate moments as it unfolded online. Payton Gendron, 18, is said to have livestreamed the incident on Twitch and written a manifesto declaring himself as a white nationalist.

Below are some of the screenshots;

Payton Gendron Manifesto

Payton Gendron allegedly wrote Manifesto detailing his racial and racist hatred towards blacks and others deemed “threats” he emphasized on his disagreements with the mass immigration in the united states according to some who claimed they saw the manifesto before it was taken offline.

In the hours following the deadly shooting, a hate-filled 180-page diatribe supposedly written by Gendron emerged on social media. The Buffalo News was unable to confirm its legitimacy right away.

The author, Payton Gendron, claims to have grown up in Broome County with his parents and two brothers in the uncorroborated document. He writes that he graduated from high school and was enrolled at SUNY Broome to pursue engineering science.

Payton Gendron claims to have no military experience and has never been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Two “recent self shots,” reportedly of Gendron, are really images of Sam Hyde, a comedian whose name and face are regularly reposted online following mass shooting occurrences.

The author of the manifesto claimed responsibility for the attack. The essay is rife with anti-Semitic sentiments, which the author claims stem from persons in his life. He was radicalized online instead, he claims.

Payton Gendron claims that he had been obtaining surplus military gear and ammo and practicing shooting for several years, but it wasn’t until January of this year that he started seriously planning the attack.

The screenshot below is claimed by some to be part of the manifesto, though this has not been verified.

Payton Gendron; What He Did

On May 14, tragedy struck New York when an 18-year-old Payton Gendron shot and murdered at least ten people in Buffalo, according to authorities.

The gunman, who went under the online handle “jimboboiii,” was apprehended after livestreaming the entire incident on gaming platform Twitch, the company said on Saturday evening.

The shooter published a 180-page diatribe outlining his racist and anti-Semitic beliefs, which he partly blames on the popular online site 4chan. The letter also indicates a private Discord communication channel where he allegedly described his preparations ahead of time.

The incident took place inside a Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Street in a densely populated suburban neighborhood of western New York. According to The Buffalo News, a witness reported the store was “full” and “bustling.”

Payton Gendron, identified by Buffalo police as Jimboboiii, pulled up to the supermarket and shot four persons in the parking lot, killing all but one.

Gendron then entered the store and opened fire, killing several individuals, including a recently retired Buffalo police officer who served as the store’s security guard.

Gendron is from Conklin, roughly 200 miles southeast of Buffalo, according to the Associated Press. In a press conference, Joseph Gramaglia, the newly-nominated Buffalo city police commissioner, said Gendron was dressed in heavy armor.

He was dressed in “tactical gear, a tactical helmet, and a camera that he was using to webcast his actions.” While several people are sharing a Twitch account with the shooter’s known login, the Amazon-owned firm has shut down the “jimboboiii” channel.

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    The USA is going backward at a fast rate. The culture is stuffed and this is continue and not get better. What a sad sick country.

  2. Marlin Daley on

    The USA is going backward at a fast rate. The culture is stuffed and this is continue and not get better. What a sad sick country.

  3. Marlin Daley on

    The USA has gone backward by about 500 years. The culture is so revengeful and hateful. Why do you think they have so many guns, they are scared, frightened of the so called bad guy but also their neighbours. For the god believers > NOTE either this is your god’s plan, or your god is too weak to beat the satan character in the fictional book called the bible.

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      Let me check… No… No… It’s official… Nobody gives a rats azz what do you think!

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    The Seattle Times, a paper with it own history of racism, need we say more?

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