Millions of Locusts Storm India Turning Sky Black As Bible Stories Come Alive

Millions of hungry and angry locusts stormed India in a bid to feast on the crops and vegetables currently under siege in the country.
Crops and vegetation in several Indian states are now threatened by humongous swarms of desert locust known by many to be the most dangerous of the migratory pests in the world.

They never show pity to crops as they are known to devour and destroy every crop sighted. They are now posing as an obvious threat to the food supply and livelihoods of millions of people in the Asian country.

The desert locusts feed on any kind of green vegetation, without stopping; all these include crops, pasture and fodder.

More worrisome is the fact that the locust population that spread across an area of one square kilometre can in a day devour voraciously crop meant for over 35,000 people; this is according to United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organisation. is headed by Jayamma Abanobi and it is one of the fastest growing News and Information outlet in Nigeria

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