Rare Snake With Two Heads Fight Each Other For Food (Photos)

  • Two-headed snake discovered in the forest area of Odisha State, in India
  • It shockingly has four eyes, two tongues on two heads that work independently
  • This type of snakes exist in one to 100,000

Animal experts were surprised as they spotted a two-headed snake in an eastern Indian forest in an extremely rare case.

Known as the Wolf Snake, its belongs to the species of non-venomous snakes.

A Video footage emerged showing the snake struggling to navigate its wayon the floor with the obvious burden of two independent heads.

The odd looking serpent was discovered in the Dhenkikot forest range of Keonjhar wildlife sanctuary in Odisha State by a wildlife photographer; Rakesh Mohalick.

Animal Experts who examined the snake noted that it is 14cm long and posseses two fully formed heads, with four working eyes and two flickering tongues.

He also explained that the two heads work independently of each other which is a relative challenge for the serpent as it navigates the wild.

Rakesh, who also researches various species quickly identified the serpent as the Wolf snake.

‘One among the two heads is slightly more developed and both are known to fight over food,’ Rakesh also added.

In many cultures and diversities worldwide, Two-headed animals are considered to be a pavilion of disaster, and they frequently feature in mythology.

The fact that these type of snakes are rare doesn’t negate that around one in 100,000 births turn out to become two-headed.

After studies and researches on the snake, it was released into the wild.

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