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South African rapper AKA was known for his innovative style, socially conscious lyrics, and being a proud father to his daughter, Kairo Owethu Forbes.

AKA often spoke about his daughter in interviews and on social media, and it was evident that she was a huge source of joy and inspiration in his life. He was known for being a devoted and loving father, and always made sure that his daughter was well taken care of.

NameKairo Owethu Forbes
Date of BirthJuly 9, 2015
Age8 years (2023)
FatherRapper AKA

Kairo Owethu Forbes Biography

Kairo was born on July 9, 2015, and has since become a popular figure on social media, with many fans following her and her father’s life. Despite being only seven years old, Kairo has already shown a talent for music and dancing, much like her father.

AKA was a firm believer in providing his daughter with the best possible education and opportunities, and he worked tirelessly to give her the best life he could. He often spoke about the importance of education and hard work, and was a great role model for his daughter.

Kairo Owethu Forbes is a reminder of the rapper’s legacy and the positive impact that he had on so many people. He will always be remembered as a talented artist and a loving father, and his daughter is a testament to the joy and love that he brought into the world.

Although AKA is no longer with us, his music will continue to inspire generations to come, and his daughter will carry on his legacy. She is a reminder of the positive impact that her father had on so many people and will always be remembered as a symbol of his love and devotion to his family.

Kairo Owethu Forbes Net worth

Kairo Owethu Forbes is still young, and her net worth has not yet been determined. However, her father had an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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