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RUN BTS, the boy band is back! Fans will finally get to see their favorite band in concert together again after a 10-month wait. Fortunately for you, we have all the information you need regarding the special episode’s air date, time, and how to watch it.

After it was disclosed that the band would be taking a sabbatical to concentrate on their separate projects, fans waited impatiently for them to resume their live performances.

The band chose to support the ARMY by showing a special episode that will be released in a few weeks as they all attempt to travel a new journey.

When will the special RUN BTS episode air?

On August 16, a special episode is scheduled to air. The announcement was teased with a clip of the band members performing together once more.

In the little film, Jin made a promise to everyone that the upcoming episode would be plenty of humor and more vigor because all the members had time to rest up and return for the performance.

The group appeared to break into a brief dance as the teaser came to a finish. Given their level of anticipation, we know the forthcoming episode will be fantastic.

Where To Watch and How To Watch

The episode will be available for viewing on Weverse and Vlive. The episode will debut on these platforms at 9 PM KST. The viewers’ other viewing choice, however, is to catch the special episode on YouTube. At 9 PM KST, this will air.

On October 12, 2021, the show’s final episode aired. People were eager to see what the members will bring to the table in this, the third season.

However, the cast members indicated that the show was taking a break because they needed some downtime to refuel. They took a brief break, and now they’re back.

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